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Grievance Filing Procedure


The Litchfield County Medical Association offers the community of Litchfield County an avenue for filing ethical grievances against physicians who are member of Litchfield County Medical Association. LCMA has an Ethics and Credentials Committee which investigates and mediates such grievance filings. Grievances filed through LCMA have no legal ramifications, and if legal avenues are pursued they would take precedence over any LCMA ethical grievance filings. 

 If you wish to file an ethical grievance against a physicians within Litchfield County Medical Association, you may either search the LCMA database on this web-site, or telephone the LCMA office at (860)482-3310, to determine if the physician is a member of LCMA. If he/she is a member, you must type or computer print a letter to LCMA stating the physician's name, what your grievance is, and what action you would wish to see taken in the matter.

 You should mail all pertinent information, along with your letter, to: Litchfield County Medical Association, P. O. Box 416, Torrington, CT 06790

Upon receipt of the grievance, the LCMA Ethics and Credentials Chairperson will review the grievance and you, along with the physician whom you have filed the grievance against, will be notified for further clarification or determinations. 

Litchfield County Medical Association - P. O. Box 416 - Torrington, CT 06790
Tel: 860.482.3310